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Coroico is a nice touristic village and a major travel destination in La Paz Department. Coroico is an excellent choice for those seeking tranquility, nature and a pleasant weather.

coroico bolivia travel

The road to Coroico is very attractive, as it meanders the hills and you can ride parts of the road by bike (see Death Road, Camino de la Muerte).

How to get to Coroico

Coroico is located in the region known as the Yungas, 90 km from La Paz through a paved road (travel time 2-3 hours). There are several bus companies departing from La Paz Bus Station (Terminal). From Coroico you can continue travelling to Rurrenabaque (Beni area) and the Amazon region.

The Yungas region is composed of sub-Andean hills covered by lush vegetation areas. It is the transition zone between the Altiplano and the Amazon. That is why as you descend the temperature and the forest vegetation rise.

Coroico Village

Coroico is a quiet town chosen by hundreds of travelers to rest and enjoy the mountains and the lush greenery of the Yungas. The village is 1,500 meters over the sea level and enjoys a warm climate all year round.

Near Coroico you will find numerous waterfalls, rushing streams and rivers ideal for bathing. There are also many hotels with pools and gardens where you can spend the day reading and resting without worries.

coroico death road by bike
Death Road by Bike

Coroico has various lodging choices, ranging from cheap to luxury hotels. Many of them have good facilities, such as swimming pool, solarium, gardens, game rooms, etc. There are also many attractions, local and Mexican restaurants, pizzerias, bars and cafes. Coroico's fruits and juices are known for their flavor and quality.

Walks and tour in Coroico

From Coroico you can also go for various walks. In almost all of them you will enjoy the mountains, vegetation, rivers and waterfalls. There are walks to suit all tastes and requirements. Some of the walks are:

Pozas del Vagante: (Wanderer`s Pools): ideal for taking a bath in Coroico River while watching birds and butterflies amid lush vegetation.

Las Cascadas: (The Cascades): through a trail with orchids and get to falls where you can take a bath and enjoy the scenery.

Coroico Travel Guide
Coroico Town

Charobamba: a small town in the middle of the vegetation in the area of National Park Cotapata. The landscape is beautiful and to reach Charobamba you will cross rivers through suspension bridges. A curiosity of this area is that it has a Jewish community, whose ancestors arrived in Bolivia in the 1940`s escaping from the Nazi persecution in Europe.

Tocaña (Tocana): a community of African-descended Bolivians. In the area fruit and coffee are grown. The town is very picturesque; it is said that the typical musical rhythm saya comes from there.

Death Road (Ruta de la Muerte) by Bike

The old road linking La Paz to Coroico is considered the "road of death". This road is narrow and in some parts it is bordered by deep cliffs. For a long time this was the only way in and out to the Bolivian Amazon and the route was frequently traveled by buses and trucks. Accidents were extremely common and hundreds of people died by this route.

With the construction of the "new route", the old road fell into disuse and now it is used for mountain bike adventure tourism. The Death Route Tour is very popular among young travelers due who enjoy experiences with adrenaline. You arrive by bus or van to La Cumbre (at 4,700 m over the sea level) and then ride down to Yolosa (1,100 meters over the sea level) at amazing speeds, coming across various obstacles on the road and with.

Bolivia Travel Guide

Death Road in Coroico

Coroico Death Road Tour coroico tour coroico from la paz

Table with walks and hikes from Coroico





7 Km

Monte Andino Milenario, vista de bosque húmedo

Coroico-"Vagante" Pozos de agua

10 Km

Plantaciones de coca y café, vista, Río Sta. Barbara

Cascadas de Coroico

6 Km

Vista, plantaciones de coca, café y citricos, cascadas


23 Km

Vista, plantaciones de coca y citricos, ríos, cultura afro-boliviana


25 Km

Vista, plantaciones de Orquideas, aves y bosques húmedos


27 Km

Caminos Inca del Choro, Parque Nacional Cotapata, ríos

Coroico-Puente Santa Barbara

13 Km

Ríos, vista, plantaciones de cítricos, coca y café, pesca, mariposas

Alrededores del Monte Uchumachi

43 Km

Ríos, vista, plantaciones de cítricos, coca y café, minas de oro, cascadas, bosque, aves, mariposas, comunidades

Coroico-Chusi Chusi

14 Km

Plantaciones de cítricos, coca y café, cascadas, vista

Coroico-Kilo Kilo

57 Km

Ríos, vista, plantaciones de cítricos, coca y café, bosque y ruinas

Coroico-Puente Armas

5 Km

Ríos, vista, cascadas, aves, mariposas

Vagantes-Sta. Barbara

13 Km

Caminata por el río

Supay Punku

36 Km

Ríos, cascadas, santuarios

Parque Cotapata

29 Km


Centros de Producción Orgánica


Café, plantas medicinales y otros

Estación Biológica de Tunquiri

30 Km

Flora y Fauna

Coroico Travel


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