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La Paz

La Paz is the seat of Bolivia's Government and one of the major cities in the country. In La Paz visitors find a rich cultural life, major museums, churches, markets and a lot of different activities.

la paz bolivia travelLa Paz has more than 1,7 million inhabitants. It's a city with clear indigenous features and yet very cosmopolitan. The city of La Paz is located at 3,600 meters above the sea level.

Due to its height over the sea level, the weather is pretty constant throughout the year. The days are usually sunny with pleasant temperatures and cool nights. From La Paz you can descend to the warm tropics or climb up and get to the snow.

To avoid altitude sickness or apunamiento we recommended that visitors move quietly and do not overeat while getting used to the altitude.

In La Paz there are different sites to visit

Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno): Located in the Plaza Murillo (main square), this building was built in 1845 with some features resembling Renaissance architecture. In this place lies the office of the President of the Republic.

San Francisco Church: The construction of the church and the convent was completed in 1753. San Francisco has a features of Baroque architecture. A highlight in the inside is its altarpiece, carved in wood and decorated with gold. San Francisco also has an important collection of paintings and historical and religious elements.

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La Paz in Bolivia

Witches Market: This unique market extends several blocks in the streets and Linares Sagarnaga the center of La Paz. His name is because in many places sold potions, amulets, herbs and other necessities for rituals. It is interesting to learn about the traditions and customs of the inhabitants of the area, such as the use of dried llama fetuses in various rituals. At the present time there are more posts in the Witches Market selling handicrafts, textiles and souvenirs to tourists.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz: Built in 1831, is located in the Plaza Murillo. Its architecture is neoclassical and has five naves. Inside the altar stands in May with the image of the Virgin and the mausoleum containing the remains of Marshal Andres de Santa Cruz and Calahumana.

Alberto Saavedra Municipal Theater: The theater classic is the oldest in the city. In its facade highlights the shield of the Department of La Paz. He had several renovations, but still retains the charm of a bygone era.
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La Paz City, Bolivia
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El Alto, the neighborhood that is a city

El Alto is the biggest district of La Paz and Bolivia's largest urban complex. It is practically a city parallel to La Paz. El Alto is located 4,000 meters over the sea level in the highest part of the city. El Alto has grown with the arrival of settlers from inside the country, many of them from humble conditions. Gradually the population of El Alto is close to one million people.

The other side

In the south of the city of La Paz, with a lower altitude (approx. 3000 m. over the sea level) and the weather is more benign, are located several residential areas: Achumani, Obrajes, Los Pinos and San Miguel.
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The viewpoints near La Paz

As La Paz is surrounded by hills, it has various viewpoints from which you can get spectacular views of the city.

Some viewpoints in La Paz:

Mirador Centro Ceremonial Andino y Mirador Jach'a Apacheta
Location: Alto Munaypata Area. Access: Bus 319, 134, 135, 136, 138

Mirador Jach'a Kollo (Cerro Grande)
Location: Villa Nuevo Potosí Area. Access: Bus 322 Santa Cruz o Max Paredes St.

Mirador de Killi Killi
Location: Barrio de Villa Pabón (Bajar en el Mercado Villa Pabón). Access: Minibuses 232, 330, 321, 309 desde la c. Yanacocha esq. Comercio Microbuses de las líneas “W”, “P” y 22

Mirador Parque Metropolitano Laikacota
Location: Miraflores Area. Access: Minibuses 247, 259, 279,283 desde la c. Juan José Pérez

Mirador de Alto Pampahasi
Location: Alto Pampahasi - Av. Circunvalación y calle 7. Access: Minibús 230 de la Pérez Velasco o la Av. Camacho y 296 de la J. J. Pérez Microbuses de las líneas 133

Mirador Parque Mirador Montículo
Location: Sopocachi Area. Access: Minibuses 254, 262, 277. Microbuses de las líneas “M” y 2

Mirador Sallahumani
Location: Autopista La Paz - El Alto. Access: Minibuses 202, 221, 305 que se dirige a la Ceja de El Alto Microbuses de las líneas 23, 28, 54,144

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