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Valle Grande and La Higuera Village - Che Guevara Route

Hundreds of travelers from around the world visit the towns in Valle Grande, along with La Higuera. They want to somehow presence the last days of the legendary guerrilla member Ernesto Che Guevara.

Valle Grande and La Higuera Village - Che Guevara Route

Valle Grande (or Vallegrande, all together) is located 241 kilometers from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The Valle Grande town is very quiet and it's surrounded by mountains. It's located 2,030 meters over the sea level ad it's got a pleasant weather.

To learn more about the history of Ernesto Che Guevara in Bolivia, you need to visit the Vallegrande Hospital laundry, where his body was moved after his execution in La Higuera. It was in the hospital’s laundry room where the official identification of Chefs body was made and where the legendary picture of his body (appearing as dying Christ) was taken.

Valle Grande Town

Another important attraction to visit in Vallegrande is the landing runway where the remains of Che Guevara and some of its peers were buried. Che´s tomb was kept secret for thirty years until in 1997 a senior military commander confessed the exact place of burial of the guerrillas. This then allowed the exhumation and repatriation of Che´s bones to Cuba with the authorization of his family. Nowadays you’ll find a mausoleum in honor of the guerrillas and their Comandante (Commander).

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Guevara Mausoleum

Another sight in Valle Grande behind Che Guevara and his struggle is the municipal museum, dedicated to Comandante Guevara and his guerrilla. The museum shows testimonies from the time of Che´s raids in Bolivia.

La Higuera

La Higuera is the other important town on Che´s route. In this (still) small hamlet, with similar features to those found by Che Guevara, operated the small school where on 9 October 1967 he was executed by the Bolivian military under the order of the United States government. In that school at present operates a museum in his memory. The whole town is full of inscriptions, monuments and tributes to the Argentine-Cuban guerrilla Comandante.

La Higuera retains a special atmosphere that recalls guerrilla warfare in Latin America years. From this town you can make different hiking paths on Che´s road, even reaching to the famous Quebrada del Yuro, where Guevara was taken prisoner.

Getting to Valle Grande:

The easiest and most comfortable way to get to Vallegrande is to take a bus from the terminal in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (241 km). There are several companies that make this trip during the day or over night.

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Getting to La Higuera:

From Vallegrande you can take a shared taxi, truck or van to La Higuera (63 km). Given the state of the road, the journey takes several hours. On the way to La Higuera you will passed through the delightful town of Pucara.

Other attractions near Valle Grande:

- Mataral Rock Paintings

- Guadalupe Dam

- Rio Grande, Alto Seco and Masicuri Drawers

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